Sunday, 16 August 2015

Haul / GRWM - Video

Hello lovelies!

The other day I felt like doing something different so I filmed another video for you all after some requests (I'm talking to you Yana!) Hopefully you will enjoy this as it is a little unusual for Ellie Loves.  I went shopping and filmed myself using some of the bits that I purchased as part of a Haul/ Get ready with me video. If you would like a more in depth review on any of these products please comment down below, also comment saying your favourite foundation because as you may or may not be able to tell, I'm having a bit of a foundation-crazy moment! Lots of Love xo

Just LOOK at that thumbnail!! That is SO embarrassing 

Products used in order:
Nivea Soft Skin moisturiser
Bourjois Happy light luminous  primer
L'oreal true match foundation in C2 cool rose
Real techniques Sponge
Collection lasting perfection concealer
I heart makeup Brow kit in woke up this groomed
Hoola Bronzer
Mua Mosaic bronzerblusher, not shown
Collection mosaic bronzerhighlighter
Collection 24h felt tip liner
Soap and glory MotherPucker lipstick in Naked Beige
Revlon Water resistant Lash potion mascara

Sunday, 26 July 2015


Well hello there stranger. It's been a little while but I am back and better than ever (Those sausage raps aren't the only thing you're gonna see twice - name that reference lol)
In the past few months I have been using some new products and I thought I would run you through what I have been loving recently.

All about that base (sorry)
I have spoken about the Bourjois healthy mix serum before on my blog, It is my favourite foundation i have ever tried. It is long lasting, smells gorgeous, applies evenly due to the moisturising formula and leaves a medium coverage, dewy finish. Before prom I went on the hunt for a good primer because Benefit's Porefessional just wasn't cutting it for my dry skin. I found the Bourjois Happy light luminous serum primer. These two products make the perfect duo for my dry/normal skin and my base is looking good all day long thanks to them. To keep any possible shine in my Tzone at bay I use the Bourjois healthy balance powder. This is very mattifying so if that's your preference I would definitely recommend this. However I do prefer a slightly lighter finish so I use my tapered stippling brush to apply this.

In June i picked up the Collection Bronze glow mosaic powder for free as part of a deal in boots, I haven't put it down since. I apply this with my tapered stipple brush too, lightly brushing it over my cheek bones. In the summer months I tend to steer clear of blusher and more towards bronzer and my cheeks can tend to be the colour of tomatoes in the heat anyway (lol). This step replaces highlighter too because of the shimmer in the bronzer. I dropped this bronzer while I was away but I did manage to catch it, meanwhile scraping out a lot of product with my fingernails. eugh #beautybloggerproblems

I'm still bloody loving my Naked 1 palette by the way, the £38 investment was not a mistake. The colours are so long lasting and buttery to apply. My favourite shades of the moment are Toasted, Sidecar and Sin.

After coming back from spain a few weeks ago, I've been regularly using the Dove Summer Glow nourishing lotion to keep my tan on fleek.

Thank you so much for reading and sticking with me!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Summer in two perfume bottles |TimewithYana

Hello lovelies!
Todays post is a guest post from Yana from TimeWithYana (, I hope you enjoy!

In general my perfume collection consists of strong scents which I can't describe with one word as flowery, citrus, fruity, spicy and so on. The stronger the better. Do you know what I mean? Like, those girls whose perfume you can still smell even when she is not somewhere around. No one complained, though. Except my mum.
However, this summer I had some kind of 'click' in my head that made me put my favourite perfume bottles away and try out another ones. I was looking for something new and fresh. But every time I walked into the store, my subconscious led me to those dark scents that I had literally to slap me in the face to stop looking at them. So, I decided to ask a real expert aka my mum to help me. She is really into luscious and soft fragrances that I think I somehow need to steal her taste, because I partially agree my preferences are a bit too heavy for a sixteen year old girl.
The first shop we visited was Yves Rocher. They have a wide range of some good scents. I remember going through stage when their Vanille Noire Eau de Parfum was my huge obsession, but I gave up because it was so sweet, even for me. This time I grabbed Fraîcheur Végétale eau de cologne de Verveine. It was released quite a long time ago, crisp and light unisex fragrance. I am in love with its lemony-green notes. I am slightly a lemon maniac as well, so it is perfection for me! But there is one disappointing feature. I wish it had better lasting power. Therefore I needed another perfume that would build up and compliment this scent more.
I have to admit here comes my favourite part, it is Versace Versense. If you asked me to explained it by using Internet slang, I would go with asdfghjkl, too many feels. It belongs to perfumes that have personality of its own. Get what I mean? It is unique, sophisticated, intoxicating, sharp and smooth at the same time. I promise you, you will feel special whilst wearing it! I would say it smells like different citruses combined with figs and, what is more important, with lots of energy and vitality. Basically, for me it smells like summer, sunshine, adventures and holidays.

By mixing both perfumes, Fraîcheur Végétale de Verveine and Versense, I created my own summer scent. If I feel very sad and unmotivated, for example, in winter, I would spray them all over myself and relive my summer memories.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Summer Beauty Essentials | NinaRossBeauty

Hello everyone and I hope that you're all having a lovely day, I'm Lou from and I'm guest blogging today for the lovely Ellie Loves. Seeing as it's summer I thought I'd share with you some summer beauty essentials to help you all look and feel amazing.
Displaying all.jpgThe sunshine is here (or at least occasionally here in the UK) and it's time for a whole new wardrobe and of course some much needed summer beauty essentials. Here are my top picks which will help you all make the most of summer.

1) Waterproof Mascara
You know the drill, whether you fancy a quick dip in the pool or a spontaneous rain shower, the last thing you want is trails of black mascara running down your cheeks. Thankfully I have a great recommendation and I've been loving the Maybelline Rocket Volum' Waterproof Mascara this has a plastic brush that really grips the lashes and adds length and volume and it doesn't flake or smudge, even better is that it's easy to remove with a makeup remover and lasts all day!

            Displaying mascara.jpg

2) Gel Liner
I've tried liquids, gels, felt tips and kohls, but when I want a feline flick the rest simply don't cut it. I recently purchased the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner and it's easy to use and looks absolutely phenomenal. What I really love is that it just so happens to be a dupe for the Bobbi Brown counterpart, so it's an investment really. That money you just saved can buy you a cocktail or another ice cream.

Displaying gel liner.jpg

3) A Blue Liner
For all those Urban Decay Naked Lovers who hate colour, this trend is actually really striking. I've seen the likes of Lily Pebbles rocking this and it really does add a pop of colour (sorry for the cliche). I love the GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner in Sky Blue it looks great on the waterline and it's creamy and inexpensive. 

Displaying blue liner.jpg

4) Tinted Moisturiser
If like me, you are phobic of anything less than a medium coverage then fear not because this tinted moisturiser is pretty special. I absolutely hated the infamous Nars Tinted Moisturiser finding it greasy and orangey but the ESPA Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser is something else, it moisturises and adds coverage and that highly sought after dewy glow. All you need with this is a nice concealer and your base is sorted.

Displaying tinted moisturiser.jpg
5) Bronzer
We all know how important a bronzer is but it can be really difficult to find one, especially if you're super pale and can't afford things such as Nars Laguna or Benefit Hoola. Thankfully I have the perfect recommendation and it's the W7 Honolulu Bronzer. This is a dupe for Hoola and it's seriously great. It's very pigmented so a little goes a long way and it comes with a really soft angled kabuki brush which makes contouring a doddle. If you need a bronzer check this out it's a few pounds at the most.

Displaying bronzer.jpg

6) Blusher
I love blusher and surprisingly I can work with cream or powders and shimmer or matte finishes. In all honesty I'm a blush fiend. One that I really like is the Sleek Blush in Rose Gold it's a coral blusher with golden shimmer running through it and it's breathtaking. It also just so happens to be a dupe for Nars Orgasm and I have both so I can confirm that this is true. This seriously lasts for ages, I've had mine for a year and there's not even a dent in it yet.

Displaying blusher.jpg

7) Lip Balm
With all that sunshine and the occasional blast of wind, this is the season where our lips can be really chapped. People remember lip balm in winter but seem to forget in summer and the sun can do serious damage. I love lip balms and could easily list ten different ones but at the moment I'm using Blistex Orange Mango Blast Lip Balm and it was a pound for Poundland. It tastes nice, hydrates the lips and is cheaper than chips so you really have no excuse not to buy it.

Displaying lip balm.jpg
8) Bright Nail Polish
Bright nail polish is key this summer (just like every year) I have so many polishes it seems impossible to pick just one, however I love pastels and I love the colour blue. If you want a pretty polish that will last for days without chipping and has a glossy finish then look further than the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Blueberry this is absolutely gorgeous and is my all time favourite polish.

Displaying polish.jpg
9) Toner
Of all of the skincare items you're probably wondering why I chose toner but when it's warm your pores open up allowing bacteria and all sorts of nasties into the skin and noone wants a yellowhead when you're going out. The toner I cannot get enough of right now is the Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water this smells like the seaside (in a good way) really fresh and it's a cooling mist which is lovely for sensitive and dehydrated skin. This tightens the pores and it's fairly priced at between £5.00 and £7.00 for a bottle that will last you for ages. 

Displaying toner.jpg
10) Texturising Spray
Whether you're rocking beachy waves or sleek and straight hair, a little texture will never look out of place and will help you get those locks that you've dreamed of. My favourite has to be the Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray which smells lovely, lasts for ages and makes your hair double in size. This is a cult product and for good reason, it really is as good as everyone says.

Displaying texturising spray.jpg

So that concludes my summer beauty essentials, I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did kindly like this post and feel free to comment to surprise Ellie when she gets back. If you want more from me feel free to head over to my blog if you fancy.

Thanks for reading.
Love x

Sunday, 28 June 2015



This is such an exciting post to be writing. On Tuesday Ellie Loves turned Two!

I have always been interested in makeup from a young age. I remember, I would ask my mother and older sister daily if they had any makeup they didn't want anymore that they could give to me. I would often receive a tinted lip balm or some clear lip gloss but it was so exciting to me. On the 23rd of June 2013 I was very bored, I had been following lots of bloggers on Instagram, looking at pictures of their makeup was one of my favourite things to do. In all their captions they would write something along the lines of "Check out my blog- Link in bio" and being 13 and very impressionable. I thought I would create a blog- and here I am 2 years later. Still blogging. I never thought It would develop to this scale. Ellie loves has hundreds of followers on various social media platforms and I couldn't be prouder to call this little blog mine. Thank you all so much for following me, reading my posts and supporting me by commenting and tweeting me lovely things. My readers mean so much to me, I love you all more than you could ever know.

Thank you so much,
Ellie Loves 

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Everyday makeup

Hi Everyone! This is a very different post for me, but one day when I was procrastinating I filmed and edited this. I am not a YouTuber so it is in no means professional by any stretch of the imagination. It was just hanging around in my computer, I thought I would upload it. Hope you enjoy- Products listed below x

  • Nivea skin moisturiser
  • Collection illuminating touch concealer
  • Benefit boing concealer
  • Collection pressed powder
  • I <3 makeup brow kit
  • Revolution cosmetics eyeshadow palette
  • Collection felt tip liner
  • Bourjois 1 second mascara in waterproof
  • Benefit Hoola bronzer
  • Benefit Rockateur blusher
  • Benefit High beam liquid highlighter

Saturday, 30 May 2015


So quite a few of my friends have referred to me as the "Eyeliner Queen"  Not because I am so skilled at liquid eyeliner that I am worthy of a crown and a throne (but I do want one). But because I wear it consistently everyday, over this time I've picked up a few tips that make the dreaded part of your makeup routine a little bit easier. So, pick up your eyeliner, and lets get started.

The eyeliner I use everyday is the Collection Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner in black. It's super black, super easy to use and remove and super long lasting. Bish bash bosh, £2.99 ? Thank you very much.

So my first rule of On fleek eyeliner is to make the line smooth and continuous. If your wing is at 90 degrees to your lashline
, chances are your eyeliner is not so on fleek.

A tip from me when winging out your eyeliner is to line up the felt tip with your waterline/ outer corner and continue on the line of your lower lash line. With a felt tip liner this is so easy because you can literally line it up, then press down the eyeliner and voila! You have a quite weird looking line coming out the corner of your eye. Next, I draw a really thin line along my entire lashline, then going back over it and gradually thickening it as I get closer to the outer corner. I then smooth out the line carefully and there we have it. No I don't get it perfect every time, but with this simple routine, it leaves very little room for error.

*i did take photos of me doing my eyeliner for this blogpost, but they were a bit rubbish so I hope the slightly bad selfie will do.

thanks for reading! 
E x
Images by Freepik